Is it safe?
Yes, it’s just like being in sunlight, without having to spend hours in the sun to get a nice tan. This means you actually get less cumulative UV. Additionally, the risk of suffering a burn is much lower than if you lay outside on your own for too long while trying to get a deeper tan. Tanning with Karmaglow is designed to maximize your tan without the risk of sunburns, heat stroke, and in just minutes.


How long is the session?
Depending on your skin type (what shade you are), the sessions can be between 2 and 17 minutes. Karmaglow’s staff will help you determine this on your first visit.


How many sessions do you need?
To get a great base tan, most people are happy with 3 to 5 sessions. To maintain that great glow, you can come in once every few weeks after your base tan is established.


Is it more effective than outdoor tanning?
The controlled environment does make indoor tanning a more effective way to achieve a tan that is even over the whole body and you don’t get tan lines.


Can I sun tan and use Karmaglow?
Yes, you can sun tan and use a tanning booth, but it’s advised to space them 24 hours apart.


I was at the pool and I’m red and pealing slightly, can I use the tanning booth?
No, it’s best to wait a few days till the redness subsides and/or the peeling stops. This is how your body naturally reacts whenever you have too much sun. That’s why it’s better to use a tanning booth to get the right color without burning.


When do I get color?
Generally, after the session, you start to see the change, wait a few hours and the color deepens. Generally the next morning the color will be most evident.


Should I put Oil or Cream for the session?
No, tanning oils and creams should not be used before or during the session. You should, however, apply moisturizer after the treatment to keep your skin hydrated.  


How long does the color last?
It varies depending on how long your tanning-in-the-sun color lasts. However, it lasts longer without any reddening or peeling.


How does it look? Is it like tanning-in-the-sun color or blackish?
The color is the same as the color you get in the sun but without any redness, peeling, or lines and it lasts longer.


Will my color be uniform after tanning?
We offer tanning sessions in a fully-private room so you can tan your whole body without any lines or burns. 


It is possible to burn or peel?
No, if you follow our pre-care, post-care and in-session instructions.